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What makes your cryptocurrency wallet unique and special?
With us you are not only able to receive, send, exchange, or securely store your cryptocurrency, but you can also earn money on it..
Tell me more about how I can make money
It's all quite simple. In addition to providing a main set of features with our cryptocurrency wallet, we have implemented an automatic system for exchanging cryptocurrencies. Since there are quite a few of these types of exchange transactions and they often involve large sums, we are not always able to ensure the rapid exchange of cryptocurrencies using our own reserves. Therefore, we accept the available funds of our users so that we can ensure the fast and uninterrupted processing of exchange transactions. In turn, we are ready to share the commission fee that we earn on exchange transactions involving user funds..
What kind of earnings are you talking about?
We offer users that transfer their funds to ensure the processing of exchange transactions the chance to participate in 4-6 exchange transactions per day. On average, the commission fee per exchange is about 1%. We are ready to pay 50% of the commission fee received as a result of the currency exchange. This is approximately 1-2% of the amount transferred to secure exchanges each day..
Will I receive this amount of earnings each and every day?
Almost. On weekends and holidays, user activity drops sharply, so we pay commission fees only on weekdays. If there were not enough exchange transactions for a user's funds during a weekday, then the user may also not receive any earnings on commission fees. But this happens very rarely..
For how long will I earn interest on your commission fee?
Our partnership period is unlimited. But we need to build out our business processes so that we can plan our activities. Therefore, the minimum term for transferring funds to ensure exchange transactions is 100 business days.. When you receive 100% profit, your contract will be automatically closed.
What is the minimum amount?
You can start with the equivalent of 10 dollars. It should be noted that in the future you will be able to create an unlimited number of contracts..
If my friend/acquaintance would also like to earn money on currency exchanges, can I get additional rewards?
Yes, of course. You will find your affiliate link in your account. If your friend/acquaintance registers using this link and transfers funds to ensure exchange transactions, then we will instantly pay you 100% of our commission fee for 5 days, which is approximately 10% of the amount transferred to your friend. Moreover, the more friends you recruit, the more we are willing to pay you a reward. You can review the forking scale showing how your reward can grow in your personal account..
How can I use your cryptocurrency wallet to perform regular transactions?
After you register, you will receive the details for your personal wallet for each cryptocurrency. You can use these details to receive payments. In addition, you can also use your wallet to make payments yourself if you have a positive balance..
What should I do if attackers gain access to my account?
When you register, you will be asked to provide a secret password that must be entered at the time of transactions. Attackers will not be able to use your funds if they cannot enter this secret password..
Do you have any limits?
A payment must be more than the minimum crypto network commission fee. There is no maximum transaction limit. This is the main difference between cryptocurrency and banks: the latter do not impose any limits on users..
Addebitate commissioni?
Sì. Per ulteriori informazioni, vai su "Commissioni"
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Earn money on the commission fees assessed on the exchange of funds
Provide your own cryptocurrency for exchange transactions and earn money on them
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~2% when completing 6 exchange transactions
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